Where can I find a pioneer reel to reel repair center near D...

Where can I find a pioneer reel to reel repair center near Dallas ?

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Look for Pioneer authorized repair center on Pioneer's site: http://parts.pioneerelectronics.com/customerservice.asp

3 weeks ago #3

I have not heard of any competent service centers down there. The Pioneer decks I have requests for service all come up to Chicago but I do not need more as I have about 180 units here now. Hi Tech is in Nashville, New Jersey Factory Service in New Jersey, there is even a new guy working in Hanover PA.

There is a TV place down there but I have not had stellar reviews on their work. Many places say they can do the work but all they want is the money. Ask how many of them have a 6 month warranty? That will define which shops are the solid ones. That is my warranty.

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