Sony TC-730 reel to reel tape recorder.

I have a Sony TC-730 reel to reel tape recorder which powers up but the reels will not turn. Is there repair shop in the OCALA,FL. area that works on reel to reel units.

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3 years ago #2
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The one place in Jupiter that I sent a person to refused to work on the item so in that even the deck can be sent to New Jersey Factory Service or Skywave Tape Deck Repair in Chicago. These old machines do not need just one thing done to make them work but a lot of mechanical cleaning and regreasing and then parts.
I worked on one not too long ago.

1 month ago #3

There are fewer and fewer shops that fix these kinds of devices and I try and keep track of the good ones. So far we know of no place in Florida that does good work.
That may be why I have so many of them here in Chicago as they are shipped to me from everywhere.

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