Recording to Sony TC355

I bought a sony tc 355 recently and it seems to function fine. Can someone tell the steps to setting this up to record? I have hooked up the cables to the input, the record buttons depress and light up and the meters move but when I move the lever to play, they turn off. Any help or a copy of the manual would be greatly appreciated.

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Posted on Recording
6 years ago #2

I have a Tc355 too, but mine as no sound and i dont have the manual, do you have a copy of the manual?

tks Luis

3 years ago #3

The record buttons need to be held down when moving the lever to the play postion.

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3 years ago #4
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This is correct and with a unit that age you are really running more on hope than a solid machine as there are going to be things popping up all the time that will require work. I fix them on request but they sure use a lot of time and it is not all paid for. You are better off with a restored Teac A2300S, SX, SD or SR. I know this as I fix them many hours of the day.

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3 years ago #5
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Man you need to learn one post per subject you fill my email up. I have told you this before please thank you.

1 month ago #6

You need to hold down the record buttons when you activate the play lever.

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