Playback on Sony TC 355

I an trying to play back some reels that were recorded on a different sony recorder many years ago. It sounds as if there were two different recordings on the same side of the track and that those tracks were split, and that the machine I now have can not recognized that difference and plays them back both over the same head. Is that true and how can I determine if I have one record head or two. How did this ability to split the recording tracks on one side of a tape work, and what type of a machine do I need to extract the recordings from each track?

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1 month ago #2

You would need to find out what machine they were used on or what format it was. Two tracks being played at the same time from a 1/4 track head can mean a lot of different things. You could have a 1/2 track tape or a 4 channel tape or even a 8 channel tape depending on what was recorded. If it is phone calls it could be a logging tape. I can not tell what is going on from your description.

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