Come post your lyrics with us
Come here and post your lyrics. We can all help each other . Give it a try.
by wallkaz
Music composer for lyrics
HI, I CAN Able to help you composing music for your lyrics. interested lyricist can contact me for collabration
by Knith.musicals
We have Lyricist on site
... ave many lyricist on this site! I would ask that people wold not send people away fromthe site for lyrics. I would like all lyricist, songwrites and singers send me your work so we will know who ...
by wallkaz
What`s the meaning of Daughter by Pearl Jam?
I have been readin the lyrics to this wonderful song but, for the life of me, I can`t figure out what he`s primarily trying to say with this song, if anything. Does anyone have an interpretation ...
by art
How Many Times?
Chorus- How many times, how many tries? Do we let go, or do we try? Oh... Verse 1- Tears will fall the harder it gets, A small rainfall from the eyes of regret Tares will form the deeper it cuts A ...
by TinniQue
Manager vs. Agent
... ist I should find a manager or an agent to represent me and until I do, nothing will happen with my lyrics. I'm not sure what the difference is in a manager and an agent but I would like ...
by LyricalOne
Re: Diamond garden music
I think not. They have all the earmarks of a vanity scam. They promise to have your music recorded by professional singers and musicians. Then to shop it around to various artists. Knowing full well ...
by D.P. Pearsall
I need a melody for my song
Credit for this post goes to Sandy. Are you good at writing lyrics but have no experience with melody? Don't worry, here are some tips to help you write your melody! 1. First you need to ...
by Vale
10 worst songwriting mistakes
10 Songwriting Self test - If you do any of the following 10 things If you: Have many, many songs that you have started and that are at different stages of completion. These are ...
by Mad Writer
How do I copyright my Music, so nobody can steal it, or lie ...
... it? I am a song writer, I write my own tunes (I play the piano and the guitar.) I also write my own lyrics, and I'm planning on recording my music and ...
by ♥Zelene♥S.A.F
Re: Live Once in NewYork, but leave before you get hard . . . Who Sang it ?
... n Hope these awkwardly links will fundamentally be of use to you! Lyrics from try here also ...
by kimburk
Re: Looking for an original!!
Hi, I listened to your daughter's singing. She definetly has a voice and with the right guidance and songs she could make it in the industry. I was wondering, you say she likes almost every genre ...
by Lyrics4U
Tell us how you will find Fame N Fortune
Fame n fortune Fame n fortune won’t be long Written lyrics for country songs Cutting disks, written scores Looking for audience n applause I‘ve been in movies and YouTube An ...
by songsnlyrics
Re: Best studio equipement for one-man-band Christian pop music?
That was very insightful, Nathan, thank you. I cannot deny that while I sometimes enjoy techno and hip-hop and analog synth sounds, etc., my goal in this case is indeed to produce music that is ...
by Willowolf
Re: Pre Chorus....
... /MP3/etc theads. I killed them on my reader, so I wouldn't know anymore.You have kindly shared your lyrics, and thanks for doing so!=Bob= bob ...
by DocGonzo
Angel of The Morning remake or something
So today I'm riding with my nephew and he switches to his station. This song comes on and I recognize the tune. It says something like"You are my angel baby" or something.I think, "I know this ...
by Idogofhorn
Blue canary - help me to catch it!
People! Whose native language is Italian or English! Could you help me to catch a lyrics of one nice old song - Blue Canary. I cannot hear all words though I speak English a little. English and ...
Re: Collabs
... our costs of song that could be written with me. If you agree we could start but I need to see your lyrics examples and if it's approved we should sign a partnership agreement. ...
by Alek
Re: Cowboys and Angels
Lonnie, those are beautiful lyrics. Did you record them online with music like you did before?
by backplay
Re: East of Denver
Are you sure you haven't placed this here before, Lonny? Somehow the lyrics sound familiar to me :unsure:
by backplay
Re: Trying it again
Nice lyrics.... I wonder how the tune is...
by backplay
Re: The Likes of Me
B) great lyrics, sadsong (I hope they're not autobiographic :) )
by backplay
Re: Cross Roads
Hi Sadsong, welcome to the forum :) Those are nice lyrics - pity we can't hear the music :)
by backplay
Re: The Love of the Lord
Very nice lyrics Sad Song :)
by backplay
Re: Distorted vocals? yea or nay?
In general I think it can be a fun flavor to use in the right context, & can realy sound cool. I basically think this aint the sort of thing you want on every single song, but shuold be ...
by DMBbipgenis
Re: The Road That Lead Me Here
Very good lyrics.
by bobby lee
Re: If the Devil Don't Get Him First
Great lyrics, u are very talented!
by bobby lee
Re: Hi everyone im an aspiring recording artist but im suffering from major wri...
... first: so what? The matters is: singer (she's also a lyrics author) is Nigeria born and now she lives in UK where she recorded my song... and ...
by alek
Hi Singing Bree, Do you still need lyrics for your project. I may be able to assist you. What genre are you interested in ?
by Lyrics4U
Lyracist Required - Refferd to from Walkaz
... writer. Would you be interested in doing a few songs with us, we have the music and just need some lyrics (And a vocalist) If we like your work, then there is ...
by electromatix
Re: Burna j check him out!!
I write lyrics to musics(beats),i don't have a song to showcase right now, I'm looking for music ,singers,song writers,and honest people in the industry to collab. with. If your intrested in giving ...
by bornlyricist
Re: Paramount Group
hey they are a joke .. I am making it my personal mission to share my experience with those **** .. 189 dollar recorind fee . the demo they made me was of lesser quality than the one I sent . The ...
by mcdave
Re: No sugar; No Cream
great lyrics :)
by backplay
Re: Guitars That Won't Stay in Tune
... ould that very well be my mistake as well, no? In any case, it is never wrong to review one's own lyrics ...
by backplay
Re: $600 Tax Rebate Contest
Right on then, I agree! It's all about musicians submitting songs and getting feedback. There's a core group there of about 20 people. Everyone's friendly and it seemed like we could do some cross ...
by drfringe
Re: It when you hear what you have written
I know exactly what you mean Wallkaz about writing lyrics that can be related to by your listening audienceTo me , writing is more enjoyable and meaningful knowing that someone is going to get ...
by Lyrics4U
Seeking for a producer!
Hello. My name is Gurmail Rathi. And i am form Haryana. I love to write lyrics in Hindi and Punjabi also. Please leave a comment for more information. Thak you guys.
by gurmail rathi
This is my lyrics. . Mere dil ki dewangi ko pahcanana dilbar.. . Mere Aansu teri aankh se bhte hai Kuch tumse khte hai... ooooOOOOOooooOooooo.. .. THANK YOU
by Sumit bhargav
by Sushant kumar
Ek sukoon de du tere asko ke badale.. dil me tere mai rahu tere dard ke bad...
ek sukoon de du tere asko ke badale.. dil me tere mai rahu tere dard ke badale.. bus itni si izzajat de mere sanam.. jindagi me safar banu tere humsafar ke badale.. like many romantic lyrics guys...
by deep

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