How did you get here and why did you stay?

I was discussing about ways to increase by-passers involvement in our community with Guy, a top administrator on RT, and we thought our way to get more users to stick around and be more active should be to understand what made us, the active users, stick around.

So how did you get here and what made you stick around?
I think that apart from enjoying the idea of sharing my experience with others I also enjoyed the company, the jokes, the friendship I experienced here. What about you?

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bobby lee avatar
3 months ago #2
bobby lee
Gold Member
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I have been on this site for many many years, there are no jokes, very little friendship.
and I am a gold member.
I deleted all my songs once or I would have reach many hundreds.
If one person reads my lyrics , I fulfilled my destiny.

jade avatar
3 months ago #3
Platinum Member
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I hope there will be much more than one reader.

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skywaveTDR avatar
2 months ago #4
Silver Member
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Hi Jade,
I got directed here from someone- maybe a customer but once I got here and found questions I can assist with I stayed and visit once in a while. While other sites can have 26,000 members and have some tape deck subject matter there are all kinds of off topic posts and so they fill with stuff that is not related to everyone.
I come from a Teac/Tascam repair facility among other jobs in Radio. I have resorted to running my own repair business for tape deck repair. If you need answers tell me the questions. In 45 years I have covered a lot of ground.
Sometimes a smaller site is better with more personal exchanges. Nothing wrong with that.

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