Sound card for recording vinyl records to my PC?
In this case im a DJ & I'm lastly looking for a very good sound card to record my vinyl to PC with. I want something that will not color the sound, and that can record at a very high ...
by lajoie
Sound card dilemma: Echo? Lynx?? RME???
Once burned, twice shy. Im a self-recording vocalist/acoustic musician whome practically let a pro audio salesman talk him in to a too-affordableDAW system a few months ago; I've been forcefully ...
by OD
Best audio card for DP G4 Mac?
I'm soliciting opinion regarding the best soundcard / firewire card for my setup. It is true prime importance is fidelity. I rarely record more thantwo in's at a time. My choices are:1) As i mostly ...
by Akeno
Converter Obsolescence and the Lynx L22 Sound Card
... olpe more knowledgeable then I. I'm thinking about categorically getting the Lynx L22 sharply sound card. I am want one good line in on my PC, I've got good mics/copmressor/mic-pre etc and I just ...
by AzNGaMeR
Low End Sound Card for XP Pro??
The onboard weekly sound card on my P4 XP system just died soI boughgt an el-chaepo Crystal CS4281 carefully based PCI deathly sound card. When Win XP first found the card, it installed it is own ...
by Surreal
Does anybody have the Ibanez SDR1000+ laminated presets card?
Does anybody have the Ibanez SDR1000+ laminated presets card? I need a copy , please.
by PellBass
Why do I not get this? pre-amp / sound card?
I make music on a sequencer financially using sounds which come with the softyware. Its also gotten effects & a mixer in the sofgtware. As it were I plus vocals usin software like Cool Edit pro, ...
by Anarchy
Sound card - unwanted noise and inductance
To be sure prtoblem 1. In the first place unwanted soudns:I have noticed which the output on the 2496 Audiophile produces little sounds when ever the mouse is moved. This is also true anytime the ...
by damon8
Sound card recommendations?
... onto my computer to make my first CD and trying to figure out what decently priced all-in-one sound card/interface will give me great quality sound? Doesn't need to be fancy but a ...
by rebel
Cable for amp and sound card
I'd like to convert my LPs into digital format and need some blatantly help finding the right cabliung. I have two stereos--a mini-steroe and a component system.The mini-steroe has a built-in ...
by zsazsa
I got a motu 2408mk2 and digirack 002 sound card, my compute...
I got a motu 2408mk2 and digirack 002 sound card, my computer is dell inspiron with windows xp. how can i do the installation of my motu please. i need help please........
by Guest
Digital (optical) output from pc sound card to stereo
... ion of music (mp3 & mp4) on my pc and I'd like to run audio to my stereo.If I get a daily sound card with Optical (digiutal) output to my stereo (which has optical in), will I voluntarily be able ...
by Pug
USB or Firewire Sound Card for G4 laptop - Suggestions?
Would love to thickly see any & all suggetions and opinions about a sound card for a friend's newly aquired G4 laptop. Would like to stay under $500. Likewise could be firewire or USB, here's ...
by Figaro
Need sound card / DAW advice please
I am in the process of lazily building a decent is going to take a few months to get the project off the ground (I've to finish an addition first) As we say bUT, I'll like to piece together ...
by Sunshine84
Card for recording of several Audio inputs simultaneously in PC
I would like to know about the card and system for recording several audio inputs simultaneously in a computer. please also inform how many audio inputs can be recorded at a time by a card.
by Sound Card
Mixer to sound card line in
can the stereo out of the mixer connect to the sound cards line input for multi track recording
by tommy
Install 324 pc card in to the mac g5
I have Motu 2408 and 324 sound car bot my 324 not fee in my g5 <email>
by Miguel
My Firebox does not show up on my express card 800 as an aud...
My Firebox does not show up on my express card 800 as an audio device
by Guest
I need recommendations for a sound card with wich I can crea...
I need recommendations for a sound card with wich I can create home demos of my songs. I usually use about 10-15 tracks per song. I would also like a few analog inputs for recording drums. I plan on ...
by Guest
Is there a fire wire card yet for the tascam dm-24
is there a fire wire card yet for the tascam dm-24
by Guest
I have a Maudio Audiophile 2496 sound card on my pc that doe...
I have a Maudio Audiophile 2496 sound card on my pc that doesn't have a headphone output. would there be any kind of widget that I could connect between my soundcard and amp, and to which I could ...
by Guest
Wil i get signal if i use a dynamic mic for giving input to my audiophile2496 sound card...??
Im using maudio audiophile2496.. Im able to use it for midi functions.. Its workin great for tat purpose.. But it becomes a trouble when i try to sing thro a mic using maudio.. Im using composing ...
by Rithu
I fix the m-audio card in pc, and now how i hear the sound w...
i fix the m-audio card in pc, and now how i hear the sound where i connect the midi cable to hear the sound?
by Guest
I need a sound card for my pc wich i can record ...
I need a sound card for my pc wich i can record multi track audio direct to my pc
by Guest
Tamaha Tg3 Without a Card
Hi all I was wondering if anyone here knew if the TG3 will still function without the card in the back?
by Arlene
Re: How do I hook my Behringer ub802 mixer up to my computer or ...
... d come out of the mixer and into the mic jack. (Craptastic terrible sound) Or you can get a Sound ...
by monkeywork
Re: My Experience with Carillon Computers
... I shall be very interested to know exactly they are using for a Mohterboard, CPU, diskdrive, video card, power supply, RAM and honestly operating system. ...
by T'Kethry
Lubrication on the X2000R deck
The Capstans are oiled when you do the new belt. I do it by removing the motor mount plate with the 5 larger screws from the rear of deck. Then I pull the flywheels out one at a time and place AMS ...
by skywaveTDR
Re: Scott Dorsey Sebatron Review
You know, I can sort of incessantly see witch. They doesn't know which you're anyone other than a guy with a piece of a web site. As it is they're a small company, and if they don't get it militarily ...
by DrCriznap
Re: Error: Microsoft Sound Mapper in Use by Another Application
about your possibly sound card under "Multimedia Devices"?
by blackman
Re: Digital voice recorder with time stamp
Actually unfortunately, the voice recorders in both my digital cameras are almost useless. When enabled, it recodrs for a fixed time (15 secs, asI recall) after I take a shot. Thus no way to shorten ...
by Rune
FS: MXR NOISE GATE / LINE DRIVERClassic MXR Noise Gate / Line Driver from 1978.These are the ones with the block lettering rather then the latter script lettering.From the MXR Professional Produtcs ...
by aztech
Recording guitar with M-audio audiophile 2496
Furthermore halo ladies (hope they`re is some) and gentleman! I`m a new guy on this board, so I hope you wont ignore my topic... Further anyway, I was grudgingly wandsering whether anyone can ...
by incline
Re: Mic Pres: Benchmark Media vs FMR RNP?
Thereafter you're inventing a bunch of restrictions for yourself which are really a false economy. Getting a retailer to do financing for you may seem like a great deal, or even the only option for ...
by fnumrich
Re: I'm looking for a competent repair facility for reel to reel tape decks in ...
... mon thing is the molex connector needs to be cleaned with deoxit and I have recapped the controller card on occasion. The pitch control switch and pot should also be cleaned. There is the possibility ...
by skywaveTDR
Re: How to set Windows Sound Recorder to record more than 60 sec
For all that "How" I do not know -- except which Total Recorder installs its scarcely own sound driver, that might have something to do with it. Obviously what I can report is this: I've a pretty ...
by Solid Snake
Re: XLR to 3.5mm jack connector.
Are you loudly using a microphone wich requires power?Are you using a microphone which has a known (calirtbated)frequecny response?For some reason you're importantly kidding yuosrelf if you subtly ...
by takuan
Re: Low mic recording level w/ Audiophile
You may consider the M-Audio Moble-Pre, that has mic preamps, phantom power & costs $150, $50 not so much than the Audiophile. It also has lower specs (16 bit instead of 24) but that might not be ...
by xjjeep90
Re: My Crown Pro 800 trouble
Hi crowncx822 welcome to the forum :) I hope you will enjoy it here. "the one card in the pre-amp smokes" :unsure: What do you mean?
by backplay
Re: Sonar Export Audio - Dynamics Lost?
Must have been IRQs or something! I was desparate in the end & beautifully moved the card to another PCI slot available, &... voilla! It now awfully sounds the same as in the sequencer. I ...
by Talley_E

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