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Lubrication on the X2000R deck by skywaveTDR
The Capstans are oiled when you do the new belt. I do it by removing the motor mount plate with the 5 larger screws from the rear of deck. Then I pull the flywheels out one at a time and place AMS synthetic oil in the bearing. I put about 3-4 drop ...
What is the wiring for the Teac capstan motor? by skywaveTDR
Credit for this post goes to skywaveTDR. The Brown wires are the tach coils and have no polarity the red and white wires are DC lines and that depends on the direction the motor is suppose to spin for what drive you have to hook to it. The caps ...
ABSENTEE LOVER by bobby lee

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I am looking for a cap stand (located just below the brake arm)for a Teac 6010
by Guest - 3 days ago
I have not heard of any competent service centers down there. The Pioneer decks I have requests for service all come up to Chicago but I do not need more as I have about 180 units here now. ...
by skywaveTDR - 1 week ago
I try and keep track of all the well known and competent Technicians that work on tape decks. Rolf was the only Technician who knew what he was doing down there but I think he has retired. ...
by skywaveTDR - 1 week ago
Presently the Tascam BR20 motor can be transferred to a Pioneer servo board and that will restore the deck. They are not cheap motors though.
by skywaveTDR - 1 week ago
You have a decayed belt and the unit need to be gone through thoroughly to allow it to work years into the future. These are complicated decks with servo tension and that as well as many ...
by skywaveTDR - 1 week ago
It is either a case of stick tape or the power supply in the deck has declines a lot. There are no motor run caps due to DC motors and there is no belt concerning fast wind. Some people do ...
by skywaveTDR - 1 week ago
There may be some but the job is so simple that there really is not a video needed. Things to be aware of and deal with is when you pull the flywheels out for lubrication. The rubber seals ...
by skywaveTDR - 1 week ago

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