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We have Lyricist on site
I want to let all know that we have many lyricist on this site! I would ask that people wold not send people away fromthe site for lyrics. I would like all lyricist, songwrites and singers send me ...
by wallkaz
How Many Times?
Chorus- How many times, how many tries? Do we let go, or do we try? Oh... Verse 1- Tears will fall the harder it gets, A small rainfall from the eyes of regret Tares will form the deeper it cuts A ...
by TinniQue
A Day In My Life
A lady's son died today Then Rita's friend Mr. Davis went away Dropped her off in the emergency room Called his wife and said I'll be home soon Court today went as planned The judge told my ...
by LyricalOne
How to Replace a Capstan Drive Belt
Credit for this post goes to Bill. The AR40s is the amplifier section of a 4010s tape deck. Tools needed: Cross point screw driver Cross point screw starter Spring hook Instructions: 1. ...
by Vale
Look For My Name
WRITTEN BY KEVIN WOLFE (Verse 1) You got me running wild... Like I'm under the dance floor Got me asking for more Its making me crazy Like an earthquake! Oh ya cmon (Verse 2) Spinning ...
by mainstream30
You Know When It's Murder
(Verse 1) Look at me My eyes are open So tainted with past memories I've got to get out... (Verse 2) Flashing lights I can live without You make me.... You make me want to go insane ...
by mainstream30
Love is a Killer
Verse1- If love could kill, you’d be killing me If shove came to pull, you’d be pulling me If time was a waste, you’d waste me Just throw me away and replace me Chorus- Love ...
by TinniQue
If I loose you I loose myself
Rate my writing! If i Loose you I loose myself Verse 1 If you walk away we can never look back It's two broken hearts holding by blue tack So do we hold hands an brave ...
by AndrewsLyrics
(Verse 1) Reaching for lost sensations... I am the darkness inside of you Im looking for a way out of this hell You may be broken but I can save you Look for me in your dreams....   (Verse ...
by mainstream30
1st vesre: a child was born into this world, his futures left unknown./ his daddy left before his birth, his momma's barely home./ she was trading all her love for cash, just to make ends ...
by Douglas
Crown XLS1000 amp review
Our group just came back from a decent road trip and great performance using the Crown XLS1000 amp that we picked up to replace an aging and failing Hafler amp. (the Hafler quit on us during a show ...
by monkeywork
The value of online and the great oracle
I did it, I bought a new pre-amp. It took hours of painstaking research and shopping and comparing. All from the comfort of home with my "lounge wear" on. Here's how it started, I do voice over ...
by monkeywork
10 worst songwriting mistakes
10 Songwriting Self test - If you do any of the following 10 things If you: Have many, many songs that you have started and that are at different stages of completion. These are ...
by Mad Writer
Planning a future career as a sound technician or engineer? Here's what you need
You may not believe it, but strong math and algebra and a good basis in physics, as well as an understanding of complex formulas, will all help. I would also take up an instrument, and not just ...
by monkeywork
What does this mean, "all of the equipment needs to be on the same phase"?
Monkeywork wrote: It's a electrical power thing. For most houses, properly wired, (black hot, white neutral, green or copper ground) then everything will be in the same phase/leg of power. ...
by skywaveTDR
Yamaha MG166CX Review.
Ok, this has been overdue! I picked up the Yamaha MG166CX for our A Cappella group Strike A Chord, and it has been on the road with us for several gigs. So now it's time to tell you all about it. ...
by monkeywork
War and Peace
Above, William A Dwiggins' 1944 drawing of the ship, earth. In 1944 with a lot of the world at war, in Boston W. A. Dwiggins self-published a pamphlet that asked everyone to get along. Dwiggins, ...
by lawrencestrauss
This is Important!
Taking his ideological fight to the people, in this 1962 Saturday Evening Post cover Norman Rockwell skewered "Action Painting" which may itself have been an argument against the state-sanctioned ...
by lawrencestrauss
The fun of live sound
This is a quick post. As an audio engineer, I love studio work. The coffee is right over there, the speakers are already in place and I can go potty whenever I want. Every so often I get tapped ...
by monkeywork
Come post your lyrics with us
Come here and post your lyrics. We can all help each other . Give it a try.
by wallkaz
Your My Life
(Verse1) Thought I would never, breathe again until I met you Life is changing for me, so I got to make it last forever We can make it, I can see it through our eyes You made me a believer, and ...
by mainstream30
What A Good Gershwin!
George Gershwin approached Arnold Schoenberg for composition lessons. "Why do you want to be an Arnold Schoenberg?" the Serialist supposedly responded, "you're such a good Gershwin already." -NY ...
by lawrencestrauss
Take a Deep Breath
(Verse 1) We're waiting out there Its always so clear That I need you to know When we are not together I am falling apart like glass (Verse 2) Lately I will call you up and say that I need ...
by mainstream30
Art MPA Gold reveiw
Ok ok.. I know I promised this weeks ago. I do voice work and was looking to improve my signal path. So many people told me that the ART MPA Gold was the pre-amp to have, so I got one. And I ...
by monkeywork
(Verse 1) In this world With the highest tower Above my head Like a midnight shower Screaming run, run,run... Don't want to die No, no, no... (Verse 2) Something going wrong Disaster in the ...
by mainstream30
tell us how you will find Fame N Fortune
Fame n fortune Fame n fortune won’t be long Written lyrics for country songs Cutting disks, written scores Looking for audience n applause I‘ve been in movies and YouTube An ...
by songsnlyrics
"My life"
Verse 1 I cant help to think off what I will become. Successful lyricist our a failed broken bum Grew up with pen and pad no money I had No friends no dad such a harsh life isn't it sad ...
by AndrewsLyrics
"Name in lights"
Name in lights Verse 1 Am stuck in a hole got nowhere to go I Should off stayed in school now am midd 20s with no cash flow My ...
by AndrewsLyrics
Beyond the Grave
Ive been here centuries oldburied or burned i keep track of it allsix feet under lies the proofmaggots and dust know the tale of truth Lived once proud and wealthynow look all but bones and dustythe ...
by arjun
Holding Me Back
(Verse 1) Down the hatch got so detached I'm ready to fill another spot Getting ready to live a brand new life I've got to much on my mind So listen... to me (Verse 2) When I find out who ...
by mainstream30
This Is The end
(Verse 1) Some things that I feel Continue to haunt me Unspoken words give me nightmares You say everything is fine but I'm still feeling down So take these words... (Verse 2) Life may give ...
by mainstream30
Late At Night
Late at night (Verse 1) I have heard that im seeing to much When the rain falls im feeling the rush Somewhere out there I know that its just a little to close for me Waiting, I am suddenly ...
by mainstream30
He's Gone
Kevin Wolfe 5/27/2012 I've been away to long Now I will be strong It's time to move on You've kept me away from seeing my face Look it's time to change Held on to long! ...
by mainstream30
No Reason
Kevin Wolfe May 31, 2012 I've got a confession That must be described You won't get distracted If ...
by mainstream30
He's Gone
by mainstream30
He's Gone
hope you like it
by mainstream30
1st verse: your predictions of tomorrow, were invisioned yesturday./ now your past becomes our present, and in our future it will play./ you tried to warn the people, that the end is coming ...
by Douglas
1st verse: your heart is the vessel, that takes you to your destiny./ pride is what drives you, in search for what will set you free./ the dreams,that you dream, began back in time, a hunger ...
by Douglas
Coming Out Of The Dark
When the nights calling out Let the pain rush about ...
by mainstream30
Feel Me
Feel Me Suddenly It's raining I know that I'll be dreaming When you sleep with me It's that easy to want you Hold you closer to me It's ...
by mainstream30

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