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wallkaz / wallkaz's Blog
Love life
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I love working with people.I also love to preach the word of God. I work with computers and music I write lyrics and now compose music.I just did a new one today I help artist get to the next level. I feel without god nothing is possible.
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mainstream30 / mainstream30's Blog
About Myself
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I am in my early 20s. I am a good giving person when it becomes necessary. I love to write and sing. I have done both for 7 years and it hasn't failed me yet,and I hope to make it to holly wood one day.
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jade / jade's Blog
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I'm a woman, just starting my 40's. I live in Israel. I raise 3 gorgeous daughters, a cat and a beautiful garden. I work part time as a gardener and find interest in many other fields. I have found this site almost by chance and decided I'd try to le...
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Lyrics4U / Lyrics4U's Blog
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I am a female lyric songwriter. I write r n b for both genders.Have written lyrics for quite a few people already and also have wrote to tracks. I have a writing service and everyone who has used it was very impressed with my writing expertise. I am ...

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