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Love life
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I love working with people.I also love to preach the word of God. I work with computers and music I write lyrics and now compose music.I just did a new one today I help artist get to the next level. I feel without god nothing is possible.
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skywaveTDR / skywaveTDR's Blog
Skywave TDR owner
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Who might I be? Now days I meet more younger people than I do older. Sill there are some youngsters that found out that Analog Reel and cassette tape decks are great. I repair them. I worked as Lead Technician for Teac in Chicago and also for Sony a...
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I'm in my mid thirties, married to my lovely wife, having two sweetest ever daughters. I like sport and computers, which is what I do mostly on my spare time. In here I'm in charge of the technology stuff making the things work behind the scenes. I ...

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