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Birth Date: May 20, 1956
Interests: Electronics Repair and Design
Occupation: Tape Deck Repair specialist
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State: IL
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Title: Skywave TDR owner
About Me: Who might I be? Now days I meet more younger people than I do older. Sill there are some youngsters that found out that Analog Reel and cassette tape decks are great. I repair them. I worked as Lead Technician for Teac in Chicago and also for Sony at three of the facilities. I have been repairing decks and other electronics for over 40 years so it is easy to say I speak from experience. I also served as Chief Engineer for 4 Radio stations in Chicago.

My Posts

Re: Pioneer RT-909 servicing/repair 3 weeks ago
Re: Teac 6010 - Reels not stoping following fast rewind. 2 months ago
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Have any had real low wind speed with a Teac X7, X7R? 6 months ago
Re: I'm looking for a competent repair facility for reel to reel tape decks in ... 9 months ago
Re: tascam 122 MK III or NAK Dragon wich one is the best 9 months ago
Lubrication on the X2000R deck 10 months ago
Lubrication on the X2000R deck 10 months ago
Re: Someone answer my questions,give me info on getting my GX635D reel to reel ... 10 months ago
Re: I have a pioneer RT 909. It will fast forward and rewind, bu... 10 months ago
Re: What's a good working 3440 going for these days? When I get thru transferri... 10 months ago
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What is the wiring for the Teac capstan motor? 10 months ago
What is the wiring for the Teac capstan motor? 10 months ago
Re: Teac reel to reel repair svc. in balto,MD. area. 10 months ago
Re: PM on TEAC A6300 reel to reel tape deck 10 months ago
Re: were can i get my pioneer rt 909 reel to reel tape deck restore in michigan 10 months ago
Re: Poineer Rt 909 10 months ago
Re: Pioneer RT-909 stopped working today on my birthday! UGH! Belt is fine. It ... 10 months ago
Re: I need the capstan belt of a TEAC cassette deck R-550 Where ... 1 year ago
Re: I replaced belt on teac 4010s. It goes ff and rewind but it does not engage... 1 year ago
Re: I own a teac X-2000R reel to reel tape deck that needs repai... 1 year ago
To Howard Garrett, The deck may need Pinch Roller linkage cleaning and lub ... 1 year ago
Re: This question is for skywaveTDR or anyone who can help. My linkage on my ol... 1 year ago
Re: Need Local Open Reel tape Deck Repair! 1 year ago

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