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Paradise Lost
Aeon; Rome 1597
Above, someone else's idea of life on earth, Rome, 1597 ... purity or loyalty to the origins of man's never tarnished, never exhausted or made banal nostalgia for lost paradise! -Leo ...
by lawrencestrauss
This is Important!
Norman Rockwells The Connoisseur
Taking his ideological fight to the people, in this 1962 Saturday Evening Post cover Norman Rockwell skewered "Action Painting" which may itself have been an argument against the state-sanctioned ...
by lawrencestrauss
War and Peace
Good Ship Earth 1
Above, William A Dwiggins' 1944 drawing of the ship, earth. In 1944 with a lot of the world at war, in Boston W. A. Dwiggins self-published a pamphlet that asked everyone to get along. Dwiggins, ...
by lawrencestrauss
Call for the Wild
Guitar II, 2002
Songmaking and remaking in performance (of the folk-rock-type I know something about anyway) seems like the start of a wild river, and I ride those waters with sung phrases to delight in (or at ...
by lawrencestrauss
What A Good Gershwin!
George Gershwin approached Arnold Schoenberg for composition lessons. "Why do you want to be an Arnold Schoenberg?" the Serialist supposedly responded, "you're such a good Gershwin already." -NY ...
by lawrencestrauss
Journalism Outside and In
Songwriting isn't poetry, it's journalism. That's how I remember the Frank Loesser quote (please correct me if I have it wrong). I was never so struck by the common approach of songwriters and ...
by lawrencestrauss
The Artist's Job Description
The artist's job description from Cennino Cennini, 15th Century: … this is an occupation … which calls … to discover things unseen, hiding themselves under the shadows of ...
by lawrencestrauss
Nature's Levity
My last post made it out to seem that an artist is Diogenes. Well, maybe an artist is … but it's a little known fact that Di (as his pals called him) was a whole lot of fun under the right ...
by lawrencestrauss
Nature's Gravity
I am always sorry for the Puritan for he guided his life against desire and against nature. He believed the spirit's safety was in negation and never gave the world one minute's joy or produced one ...
by lawrencestrauss
Reacquainted with an old friend
I used to use a version of Brian Eno and Peter Schmidt's Oblique Strategies to move me in new artistic directions. I saw some design this morning that brought it to mind. I think it's a great gift. ...
by lawrencestrauss
Art and Performance
The Art of the Solo Performer (a book I highly recommend) offers a professional approach to presenting one's work on stage. I approach what I know about song-making from a training in oil painting ...
by lawrencestrauss
Viktor Frankl, Man's Search for Meaning
One should not search for an abstract meaning of life. Everyone has his own specific vocation or mission in life to carry out a concrete assignment which demands fulfillment. Therein he cannot be ...
by lawrencestrauss
From Beethoven: The Man and the Artist, As Revealed in His Own Words Art! Who comprehends her? With whom can one consult concerning this great goddess? This little book, a companion since the '80s, ...
by lawrencestrauss
Not (mostly) for the sake of being different, but because I am a different individual and want to have my resultantly unique say, I want to press on in a way honestly reflective of me (which is an ...
by lawrencestrauss
Art and Music
This is a place to posit my thoughts on song as an art form and maybe other (un)related things, too. A lot of what I read regarding songs and performance has to do with the music industry. I only ...
by lawrencestrauss

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