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What does this mean, "all of the equipment needs to be on the same phase"? by skywaveTDR
Monkeywork wrote: It's a electrical power thing. For most houses, properly wired, (black hot, white neutral, green or copper ground) then everything will be in the same phase/leg of power. Commercial establishments, might grab another leg of power ...
Planning a future career as a sound technician or engineer? Here's what you need by monkeywork
You may not believe it, but strong math and algebra and a good basis in physics, as well as an understanding of complex formulas, will all help. I would also take up an instrument, and not just play. Actually find out how to read music and get ...

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I know this is a few years late, but if you're still out there I liked your self description of your talents and your influences. I'm a Broadway composer/lyricist with many of the same ...
by Beans9581 - 4 hours ago
So I wrote song lyric but I have no expiriance in writing melody's what so ever. What I am asking is if anyone will help me write one?
by Mickey - 13 hours ago
Well I am a songwriter. I would need to know more about your sister and your relationship with her. eg. her age, her likes and dislikes, what kind of music she likes etc. My email address ...
by Sandra Doolan - 18 hours ago
Please send yo number again this time spell them out so that they won't be blocked by the website
by familiar - 18 hours ago
i am songs writer plz con me <phone>
by Guest - 22 hours ago
Can you give me ur contact no. As I want a song from u
by Sherry Dhindsa - 1 day ago
Can someone please help me write a song for my twin sister???
by Twin2 - 1 day ago
Need to locate a company near Napa Valley, Ca. that services reel to reel TEAC decks ... will travel as far as San Francisco.
by Tom Sedlack - 3 days ago
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