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Lubrication on the X2000R deck by skywaveTDR
The Capstans are oiled when you do the new belt. I do it by removing the motor mount plate with the 5 larger screws from the rear of deck. Then I pull the flywheels out one at a time and place AMS synthetic oil in the bearing. I put about 3-4 drop ...
What is the wiring for the Teac capstan motor? by skywaveTDR
Credit for this post goes to skywaveTDR. The Brown wires are the tach coils and have no polarity the red and white wires are DC lines and that depends on the direction the motor is suppose to spin for what drive you have to hook to it. The caps ...
ABSENTEE LOVER by bobby lee

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Hello I write punjabi songs can you help me in someway. I request you to please reply
by Simranpal Singh - 3 hours ago
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by madhav - 1 day ago
The parts that have to come off are more in this model than any other. The linkages to the Pinch Roller must be taken off and the grease cleaned out and Lubriplate 105 put in. I do them all ...
by skywaveTDR - 3 days ago
Thank you. I knew Les. Sorry to learn that he has passed.
by Lee Banks - 1 week ago
Keep in mind the switches are just a couple of elements in the entire power path so many other things can be involved such as Q214 and the zener diode in the power supply. To get a fully ...
by skywaveTDR - 1 week ago
The question is- how does it do without the dBx? These deck commonly need adjustment due to wear and you problem may even be one of head and capstan shaft cleaning. The dBx is the last ...
by Skywave Tape Deck Repair - 1 week ago
There are more things in these units than a single belt to be replaced. It needs to go to a Technician who used to repair these and get the old grease out and make the mechanism work like ...
by Skywave Tape Deck Repair - 1 week ago

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