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Planning a future career as a sound technician or engineer? Here's what you need by monkeywork
You may not believe it, but strong math and algebra and a good basis in physics, as well as an understanding of complex formulas, will all help. I would also take up an instrument, and not just play. Actually find out how to read music and get ...
How to Replace a Capstan Drive Belt by Vale
Credit for this post goes to Bill. The AR40s is the amplifier section of a 4010s tape deck. Tools needed: Cross point screw driver Cross point screw starter Spring hook Instructions: 1. With the tape deck standing upright 2. Remove ...
Your My Life by mainstream30

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Where can I purchase parts for a vintage Sony tc355 reel to reel tape recorder? I purchased 1 on ebay but it needs parts( springs, stoppers) basicly a good overhaul! where can I have one ...
by Guest - 1 day ago
hey i m a hiphop singer check my video 'rajat khandelwal-de de de' on youtube and ek moka dedo for your upcoming party song ko gane ke liye
by rk - 1 day ago
Is kemsguru ur facebook id?
by salem singer/producer - 1 day ago
All u guys interested... I m repeatedly telling u pls send me a friend request in fb.... the profile pic will b 1 where I m holding a mic..... name Rajdeep Mukherjee
by Rajdeep Mukherjee - 1 day ago
Dear singer, hi. I m a song writer and will like u to tell the mere combination of rhyme is not a song. Plz contact if really desirous for soulful and melodious song Thnx
by ranjan sharma - 1 day ago
The 122 she asked for is drastically different than the Mk II design so it will be of no help at all.
by skywaveTDR - 1 day ago
Bro add me on facebook salem choudhry from new york usa i need u to write whole album please
by salem singer/producer - 1 day ago
Cont me <phone> For any song lot of lyrics Harman from Delhi
by Harmanstar - 2 days ago
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