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Lubrication on the X2000R deck by skywaveTDR
The Capstans are oiled when you do the new belt. I do it by removing the motor mount plate with the 5 larger screws from the rear of deck. Then I pull the flywheels out one at a time and place AMS synthetic oil in the bearing. I put about 3-4 drop ...
What is the wiring for the Teac capstan motor? by skywaveTDR
Credit for this post goes to skywaveTDR. The Brown wires are the tach coils and have no polarity the red and white wires are DC lines and that depends on the direction the motor is suppose to spin for what drive you have to hook to it. The caps ...
ABSENTEE LOVER by bobby lee

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Die anyone got a Solution? Thanks!
by RickF - 4 days ago
see my post - i have one that need attention but it works. whatsapp me on <phone> 576 if after all these years - one is still needed - i just cant throw this away. Ivan
by IvanHarris - 1 week ago
Is there any reel to reel tape repair center in North Carolina.
by Guest - 1 week ago
What did he die of. And why was he so young when. Passed. And kids that is still living
by Guest - 1 week ago
I wonder are their scammers for real or what?
by Shavonda - 1 week ago
I have a Europower pmp2000 that I use all the time for small venue karaoke shows. I generally have some passive speakers with me and all is great. I have a new venue that has their own ...
by BoBo76 - 2 weeks ago
Hello BSR MCD 8050 (My unit purchased in South Africa is called AUDIODEK PROline APL3000 220v ) - same item different branding I see some years back someone wanted one of these. See ...
by IvanHarris - 2 weeks ago

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