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Planning a future career as a sound technician or engineer? Here's what you need by monkeywork
You may not believe it, but strong math and algebra and a good basis in physics, as well as an understanding of complex formulas, will all help. I would also take up an instrument, and not just play. Actually find out how to read music and get some good theory behind it. You'd be amazed how much that helps. The next step is to spend your summers interning somewhere, and ultimately to move to ...
Your My Life by mainstream30

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We are looking for an experienced handyman/woman who would like to be a moderator and answer questions related to DIY projects, construction, auto/home/appliances repairs, etc. Answering on ...
by jade - 13 hours ago
hi dear please contact with me on facebook for punjabi songs https://www.facebook.com/balkar.dyal
by balkar dyal - 3 hours ago
i m write hindi and punjabi songs .i want write songs for any singer any topic any situation .pls. give me a chance
by Guest - 18 hours ago
I am interested in singing and have a lyric but I have no beat for it
by Guest - 2 days ago
yes, hopefully!
by Vale - 2 days ago
Where can I find a Akai reel to reel player/recorder repair technition in Las Vegas, NV
by Guest - 2 days ago
Hello, I have an old Technics SL-1950 turntable. Over the years I have misplaced the stacker spindle. I found one on Ebay but I am not sure that it will fit my turntable. The title of ...
by Guest - 2 days ago
Does anybody know who can repair a Pioneer RT-909 Reel to Reel tape deck in Washington DC Metro area?
by Guest - 3 days ago
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