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Brighter by mainstream30
(Verse 1) In this world With the highest tower Above my head Like a midnight shower Screaming run, run,run... Don't want to die No, no, no... (Verse 2) Something going wrong Disaster in the air Growing to strong Letting us down... Stand up and fight and see the light Saving... (Chorus) On the day, it will rise Everyone will be wise Care for the earth Now it is time, to open every at...mos...sphere All the lights will shine so bright... only... brighter (Verse 3) Hell... ...
"Name in lights" by AndrewsLyrics

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I looking for pinch roller (1),Record/play (1) fast forward (1) knob, and a knob for the Internal speaker on/off switch for a Akai M-7 Reel to Reel
by Guest - 21 hours ago
Hi thanks for your reply. My email address is <email> Cheers Anthony
by Anthony m - 1 day ago
Want to play games with me you won't stay on this site. I a moderator over here
by wallkaz - 3 days ago
i am punjabi song writer and i want sell my song, By Narinder
by it is important for u - 3 days ago
I have lyrics, but no music. I don't write music or play an instrument. I am a breast cancer survivor and was inspired to write theses lyrics, but now I need music to finish the song. ...
by belle - 4 days ago
When I turn on EV re20 microphone, it requires volume level very up. Why?
by Guest - 4 days ago
Mere geeta nu koi gaan wala hega je hega ta cntct kro.... <phone>
by Guest - 4 days ago
I am punjabi songs writer R U need songs plz contact me.
by Guest - 5 days ago
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