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Your My Life by mainstream30
(Verse1) Thought I would never, breathe again until I met you Life is changing for me, so I got to make it last forever We can make it, I can see it through our eyes You made me a believer, and I'm so glad to call you... mine I don't want to lose you babe We have the world at bay... (Verse2) Every night, I wish I could hold ya Keep you in my arms tonight Look at yourself, your a ...
Brighter by mainstream30

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About 2 weeks ago I posted the question How did you get here and why did you stick around? in the forum. It was posted on almost all of our sites and many users, old and new joined this ...
by jade - 2 days ago
dear friend, i am writer of some punjabi fresh and remix songs,if you interested how can you like and pay for it. reply me
by upkar singh - 14 hours ago
myself pradeep kumar deo .I have write more Hindi songs;story:documentry 'as story like -raish,jinda, do bete ,blood report and many more . songs like:jindagi kya jindagi bnkr Jan left ...
by Guest - 22 hours ago
Get a new computer you will have less trouble all around
by wallkaz - 1 day ago
I am a Singe,lyricists and composer can u plz say how i can become a Bollywood singer or lyricists i am writing 1000 up song in hindi
by DK Bora - 2 days ago
depend on about kiss
by Geda - 3 days ago
contact me for any type punjabi song.....this <phone> ...
by rana - 5 days ago
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