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Lubrication on the X2000R deck by skywaveTDR
The Capstans are oiled when you do the new belt. I do it by removing the motor mount plate with the 5 larger screws from the rear of deck. Then I pull the flywheels out one at a time and place AMS synthetic oil in the bearing. I put about 3-4 drop ...
What is the wiring for the Teac capstan motor? by skywaveTDR
Credit for this post goes to skywaveTDR. The Brown wires are the tach coils and have no polarity the red and white wires are DC lines and that depends on the direction the motor is suppose to spin for what drive you have to hook to it. The caps ...
ABSENTEE LOVER by bobby lee

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Bought a Rockville 800watt sub but does not work hooking it up to my active speaker. I have a numark controller hook to the Active speaker. Do I have to buy a Amplifier to get the sub ...
by Angel R - 1 day ago
I also have a Behringer UB2442FX-Pro Mixer with the same problem as you and after extensive investigations by myself I have discovered that the problem lies with the Mains Slider not making ...
by Andy Ellis. - 3 days ago
Where Can I Find A Akai Reel To Reel Player/Recorder Repair Technician in Arkansas
by Guest - 1 week ago
I confused this with another post about a cassette deck. Disregard
by skywaveTDR - 1 week ago
Correction on the post in the comment about injection molded parts. These were not originally injection molded and they were found to be Resin Cast. This is the same way we are doing it. ...
by skywaveTDR - 1 week ago
Does anyone know of any reel to reel service centers in SoCal?
by Guest - 2 weeks ago
hi,sivajibuddy cool
by madhav - 3 weeks ago

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