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What does this mean, "all of the equipment needs to be on the same phase"? by skywaveTDR
Monkeywork wrote: It's a electrical power thing. For most houses, properly wired, (black hot, white neutral, green or copper ground) then everything will be in the same phase/leg of power. Commercial establishments, might grab another leg of power ...
Planning a future career as a sound technician or engineer? Here's what you need by monkeywork
You may not believe it, but strong math and algebra and a good basis in physics, as well as an understanding of complex formulas, will all help. I would also take up an instrument, and not just play. Actually find out how to read music and get ...

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give me punjabi songs
by Guest - 4 hours ago
aapka contact no. kya h
by Vishal panjeta - 9 hours ago
Bhai tera no. kya h
by Vishal panjeta - 9 hours ago
is there any company that I can have my sony 350 reel to reel recorder repair in the palm springs area
by Guest - 17 hours ago
Bai g mai song likhya aa <email> aa je tahanu chahdi aa ta meri fb id te mere nal contact kro my id name is shonki telupuria
by Shonki telupuria - 2 days ago
are you need punjabi songs contact with me on FB / JD MAHAL (Anaitpuria) 85 68 912 915
by jagga - 2 days ago
How to i sell my lyris? M apna song bechna chahta hu kaise beechu koi punjabi singer chaheye punjabi song h
by ankur thakur - 2 days ago
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